"Be gagged is more than get quiet"






my name is Lina and I take the chance to tell you why we create this site. We like gags and we want the theme gags put away of just dark side.

In my and our opinion, gags are beautiful and can also good be worn in public or also while sports.


Important for us is that you know that we wear gags for our pleasure and sure its our passion.

To wear a gag is more than just look devote. More the feeling that it looks very unique is the reason.


We are different, so, one model wear because of devotion, another of beauty and also another for the "must drooling effect".

But we all have the same feeling:


Wearing a gag means to us pleasure and show our passion.


You will see in our galleries different scenes. The model decide which kind of gag and outfit. So there are shootings from cute, nice, drooling, bound up to very strict hard gagged in a hard bondage.

But all photos you see are initiated out of passion by the model.


So and now, we hope you like and join our hosted site.

Gags, gags, gags... with hot outfits... Thats WE